You are a medium. You have made a mistake.

In a gentrified Brooklyn, a group of ghosts has descended upon your house. They want your bodies. They want their home back.

Traverse between Limbo and the World of the Living.  Use family items (plantain chips) to navigate across the warped house.  Solve puzzles from ghosts to gain their trust and assistance.

Save your family and learn what it means to be erased.

Play Time: 10 - 15 min


WASD - Move

Space - Advance Dialogue/Pick up and Place Plantain Chip


Vincent - Programmer

Valencia - Programmer

Trey - Programmer

Tim Staton-Davis - Game Designer 

Dave - Sound Designer

Austin - Artist

Lola - UI Artist

Chad - Producer/Narrative Designer

Asset Credits

Environmental Assets from "Modern Interiors" by

Made as part of the Melanated Game Kitchen's Culture Bytes: Plantain Jam


HauntingOfYou_10-6-22.rar 30 MB

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